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2018 - 2021 Paris

Work in progress

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When he moved to the french capital to pursue a professional career in photography, Younès Klouche started to photograph the larger area of the city as a means to document an important period from his life. Eventually this body of image grew to be a stand alone project called Panamera.


The territory of Paris is under an active process of growing out of its old frontiers which are still delimited by an aging controlled-access ring road.

Tied by a serie of futuristic public transportation lines, this global project called "Le Grand Paris" aims for a new colossal and fully functioning Metropol.

This form of city planning goes hand in hand with both gentrification and the emptying of former industrial areas. Behind this promise of a utopian urbanist ecosystem lies a neoliberalist ideology that targets real estate value.

Klouche’s work Panamera shows the different layers of built being a consequence of successional architectural movements. Including perfectly restored early modernist superstructures as well as ruins of late postmodernist skyscrapers.